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Safety Tips For Factory Workers

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If you work in a factory, you know how dangerous it can be. With large machinery, loud noises, moving parts, and human error, you walk into a danger zone every shift. Taking the proper safety precautions is paramount to your health and well-being. Brush up on these helpful safety tips to stay happy, healthy, and safe at your factory job. 

Tie Up Loose Ends

Big machines work tirelessly, no matter what gets in their way. Take extra precautions to remove or restrain loose objects on your person. This includes jewelry, clothing, shoelaces, and hair. Even if you don't work next to a machine that can't do much damage, it's better to be safe than sorry. Tie up your hair and wear work boots without laces (or laces that hide under pant legs) to be safe. 

Tighten Gaskets Before Machine Use 

If you are on a morning shift and responsible for starting up your specific machine for the day, do a visual and manual inspection to determine if anything needs tightening. Complicated machinery often has aluminum seals that can become loose and leak water, chemicals, or other fluids if not tightened properly. This is a small preparatory task that can avoid machine shut-downs, water damage, and chemical burns. 

Keep Your Work Station Clean

Even if you are not tremendously tidy at home, make it a point to keep your work station clean. For example, if you work at a conveyor belt boxing finished products, or a cake decorating station in a bakery outlet, remove stray product quickly and wipe down your station often. You don't want stray objects to fall into a machine and cause other items to fly. 

Look for Worn Equipment

It may not be specific to your job description, but look for wear and tear on frequently equipment in the factory. Many factories run 24 hours a day, so machines, hoses, bronze seals, and gears are bound to break down at some point. Maintain an "all hands on deck" attitude and look for wear before the factory inspector finds it. You can suggest replacement or repair before a seal breaks and causes harm to equipment, products, or people. 

When you follow the proper safety measures in your factory job, you can go about your job without worry of accident or mishap. You can save the life of yourself or your co-workers with safety tips like the ones above. 

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