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Tips For Maintaining Your New Business's Stainless Steel Hoses

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Stainless steel hoses serve a variety of functions in an industrial setting, and if you are starting a business that will need these hoses, there is a good chance that you may not be that familiar with what these hoses need to stay in good condition. Utilizing the following couple of tips will help you to avoid some routine errors that can cause problems for your enterprise's steel hoses.

Conduct A Leak Check

Regardless of whether your hoses are carrying liquid or gas, it is important to perform regular leak checks to make sure the hoses' integrity has not been compromised. A small leak can indicate an area of general weakness in the hoses, which could place them at a risk of exploding or rupturing. 

To perform a leak check, you will need to fill the hoses with a leak detecting fluid. This fluid is usually a bright color, which will make it easy to see against the stainless steel. If you notice that a hose has a leak, you should make sure that it is not due to a loose connection somewhere on the pipe. When a loose connection is not the cause, the hose will have to be replaced because it is generally not economical to repair this type of damage. At a minimum, you should perform a leak check at least twice a year and any time that you suspect a leak may be present.

Visually Inspect Your Hoses On A Regular Basis

Between your leak tests, you will need to perform visual inspections of the hoses to ensure that there are no other problems developing with them. For example, it is possible for the hoses to develop bulges or kinks that can indicate a potential problem or compromise performance. 

Once every couple of weeks, you should have every inch of your steel hoses visually inspected for any signs of damage. To ensure that your employees know what they will be looking for, you should hold regular training sessions to remind them of the warning signs of a damaged or failing hose. 

The use of stainless steel hoses from a company like Liberty Hose & Supply Inc can be essential for your new enterprise, but before you have these hoses installed, you need to understand what type of maintenance and care they will require. By understanding the importance of leak tests and visual inspections, you should be in a better position to keep your horses safe from routine failures. In addition to keeping your business from experiencing downtime, this may also prevent worker injuries due to exploding or rupturing steel hoses.