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Tips For Cleaning Commercial Dumpsters

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Commercial dumpsters are a great way to manage your company's waste. When you rent a commercial dumpster, the company that manages the dumpster will typically even handle all of the disposal. In most cases, this means simply dumping the contents into a large truck instead of replacing it with an empty one each time. Dumping the contents can leave residue inside the dumpster. Over time that residue can breed bacteria, causing foul odors. Here are some tips to combat the odor and keep your dumpster clean and safe.

Why Clean a Dumpster?

It may seem unnecessary to clean something that's just going to be filled with garbage, but keeping your dumpster clean will help prevent the spread of bacteria and discourage rodents from settling in and around the dumpster area.

What Do You Need for Cleaning?

Invest in protective gear before you clean the dumpster. You'll want to have durable gloves, eye protection and even shoe covers, unless you have a pair of shoes you can dispose of afterward. You'll also need ready access to a water source, like a hose with a high-pressure nozzle attachment. This pressurizes the water, helping you clear away stuck-on debris. You may want a pressure washer instead, because it would be the most effective.

Invest in a citrus-based or environmentally safe cleaner. Don't use anything with bleach, because the water runoff will contaminate the ground. The safer the cleaner, the less hazard your cleaning process poses to the environment.

How Do You Clean the Dumpster?

Locate and remove the drain plugs from the bottom of the dumpster. This allows the water to flush out of the container. Then, rinse out the inside with the high-pressure water. Put the drain plugs back in and add some cleaning solution to the inside of the container. Add water with the high-pressure hose to mix the solution up, then fill the dumpster with a few inches of water to clean the bottom, which is where all of the debris and bacteria typically settle. Pull the drain plugs and rinse the whole thing out completely. Replace the plugs and let it dry.

Meanwhile, rinse the concrete pad and the surrounding area with the high-pressure hose. This ensures that you don't leave any residue behind that could attract pests. Let everything dry completely in the sun. Don't put trash in the container until it's dry, otherwise you'll encourage mold growth. 

Keeping your dumpster clean is a quick and easy way to avoid serious health concerns and pest infestations. Use these tips and work with a dumpster rental company that can help.