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How to Prevent a Loss of Tools in Your Manufacturing Plant

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In your manufacturing plant, your employees probably share tools with one another. Although this can be a good way to ensure that everyone has what they need to get the job done while saving money on tools, it can lead to a lot of lost tools along the way. Obviously, lost tools can lead to expensive replacements and can result in your employees not having what they need when they have to get a job done. Here are some ways to keep tools from being lost. 

Choose Unique-Looking Tools

First of all, you should consider finding more unique-looking tools for your business. For example, consider ordering tools that come in a bright color. If your tools are brightly colored, they will stand out more easily, which will make them easier to be found. Plus, if they are stolen and sold, they will be much easier to identify.

Have Them Engraved

Consider taking your tools to a machining shop and having them engraved. You can have the name and contact information for your factory—such as a contact number and your address—engraved on each tool. Then, if someone steals some of your tools, there will be a better chance that you will be contacted if they are taken to a pawn shop or otherwise sold. Plus, if employees know that this information is engraved on the tools, they'll be less likely to be tempted to take them home.

Start a Check-Out System

You might want to trust your employees, but the truth is that not every employee can be trusted. Plus, even those who mean well might be forgetful when it comes to returning tools after they are finished with them. A good way to cut down on the tools that never show back up is to start a check-out system. Basically, you will need to label your tools so that they can be distinguished from one another, such as by assigning each tool a number. Then, you will need to keep track of each tool every time it is checked out by an employee. This way you will know who to hold responsible in the event that some of your tools do not get returned.

As you can see, there are things that you can do to prevent the loss of tools in your manufacturing plant. If you follow these tips, you are sure to notice a major reduction in the number of tools that end up missing. Contact an establishment like CL Presser Company for new contractor's tools and more ideas for customization.