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Need To Protect Pipes Running Through Metal Surfaces? Use Rubber Grommets For Protection

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If you have piping that runs through metal surfaces, the metal will damage the piping over time. Fortunately, you can keep this from happening by using rubber grommets. Below is some information about rubber grommets, the different types available, as well as the benefits of using them.

Rubber Grommets

A rubber grommet is used to line the edges of something, such as fabric or holes to protect piping, cable, and other items for protection. There are standard sized rubber grommets or they can be made to any opening size you wish. You can also find grommets made of plastic or metal. To make it easy to understand, think of a tennis shoe and the holes where you thread the laces through. You will see a metal grommet around each hole.

Types of Rubber Grommets

There are different types of rubber grommets you will find including:

  • Blank rubber grommets: This type of rubber grommet is generally used in holes that are in metal sheet panels or plates.
  • Half-blind rubber grommets: Half-blind rubber grommets are generally used in holes that wires are passing thorough.
  • Open cable rubber grommets: This is the type of grommet that you will use because it is made to protect pipes, as well as cables, that pass through metal.

Rubber Materials Used

You will find two different types of rubber material used when making rubber grommets: synthetic rubber and natural rubber.

Synthetic Rubber is made of polymers that have been synthesized from petroleum products. The automotive industry often uses synthetic rubber grommets for windows, doors, and tires. Synthetic material resists things like cold and heat, UV light, solvents, and petroleum products.

Natural rubber grommets come from the rubber tree. They are used in metal products because it bonds to metal very well. It is resistant to tears and reduces vibrations.

Benefits of Rubber Grommets

There are many benefits of choosing rubber grommets, two of which are listed below.

  • No tools needed: rubber grommets simply snap into the hole so you will not have to worry about using any type of tool to insert them.
  • Lower cost: rubber grommets are less expensive when compared to metal grommets, which means your company will save money by choosing them.

Contact a rubber grommet manufacturer, such as Accurate  Products Inc., to learn much more about them. They can also help you choose the best type of grommet for what you will be using them for.