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Providing Your Restaurant With Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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The equipment that is in the kitchen can be among the most important in your entire restaurant. For those that are in the process of opening their first restaurant, it can be common for them to have some uncertainties concerning the factors they should consider when buying this equipment.

Review Local Building Codes And Ordinances

Some entrepreneurs may not realize that local building codes can actually apply to the equipment that is used inside their restaurant's kitchen. For example, some communities may not allow wood-burning stoves due to the pollution that they can create. Prior to buying this equipment, you may want to spend a few moments to review these codes for your area so that you avoid accidentally breaking these codes. This mistake could result in expensive fines as well the cost of retrofitting the kitchen to correct these mistakes.

Avoid Attempting To Install The Kitchen Equipment On Your Own

The installation of commercial kitchen equipment is not something that you should attempt on your own unless you have extensive experience working with this equipment. Even minor mistakes during this process can result in the equipment failing to work as you expected, and it may even create safety hazards for your staff and guests. This is especially true when power or other connections will have to be installed. The costs that can arise from an incorrect installation can be devastating to your new restaurant, and this will be a mistake that you should take great care to avoid making.

Consult The Operations Manuals For The Equipment When Creating The Daily Cleaning Schedule

As your restaurant is preparing to open, you will need to prepare a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for the restaurant. These schedules can help to ensure that the facilities are being properly maintained and that it is supplied with the needed materials. When you are preparing the cleaning portion of this schedule, the operations manuals for your kitchen equipment should be consulted, as this will give you a solid idea as to the type of maintenance that will be needed. Assuming that you are aware of all of the maintenance that this equipment will need can lead to important tasks being left undone, which can shorten the life of this equipment or cause it to fail. An example of this can be the need to clean the coils on the refrigeration system. Otherwise, it will lose the ability to cool and may suffer a major mechanical failure.

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