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The Main Considerations To Make For Your Scaffolding Equipment Rental

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The use of scaffolding in building construction, maintenance, and repair is widespread around the world. This type of access equipment can be set up both inside and outside of a building and used to support work crews and the materials they need to work with.

If you are looking to rent scaffolding for an upcoming project, you may be overwhelmed by the choices available on the market. The secret to choosing the best scaffolding equipment for your job is to consider your requirements and needs. 

Here are a few important considerations to make for your scaffold rental.

How tall is your project? 

Working on scaffolding equipment involves working at heights. As the height of the equipment increases, safety becomes more of a concern. 

Incorrect platform heights are a major cause of falls from scaffolds. Scaffolding falls can result in serious bodily injuries or even death. This can result in hefty personal injury lawsuits outside of workers' compensation. 

When you are renting scaffolding equipment, it is important to consider the height of your project and choosing the appropriate scaffold height. This is essential to ensure the safety of everyone that works on the scaffold but also under and around it. 

What is the maximum intended load? 

Overloading is a major cause of scaffolding accidents, and it should be avoided at all costs. This is why every scaffold has a maximum weight limit that must never be exceeded. To determine your scaffold's load capacity, you should sum up the weights of all persons, tools, equipment, materials, and other loads to be supported by the scaffold.

The heavier the total load, the higher your scaffold's weight limit should be to prevent equipment-related accidents and injuries.

Is there a need for mobility?

Generally, scaffolding equipment is available either as fixed or mobile units. If your scaffolding will be moved to different areas of your worksite, mobile versions are ideal — for example, when you are plastering or painting the exterior walls of a building.

If your job can be completed without having to move the scaffolding equipment, then fixed units should be used — for example, when erecting the walls of a tall building.

Scaffolding equipment can be used to perform a versatile range of jobs that require reaching high areas, but it is essential to choose the correct scaffold type for each job. Talk to the experts at a scaffold rental service near you to discuss your particular project requirements and needs.