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Renting Your Next Boiler Can Make Things Easier For Your Company

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Are you looking to ramp up the number of boilers you have at your plant or facility for an expected production increase? You could certainly buy one or more new boilers from the same providers you already purchased from in the past, but depending on your needs with this uptick in production, there might be a better option available. Here's why you might want to look into rental boilers as an option for your business.

More Cost Effective for a Short-Term Project 

If you need additional or emergency boiler capacity but don't anticipate needing the extra boilers after the current project or situation is taken care of, why invest thousands into an additional boiler you won't have any more use for after your current needs are met? By choosing to go the rental route, you can keep your upfront costs down significantly. It will be so much more cost-effective to pay just a little to rent the boiler for the amount of time you need instead of paying a lot for a boiler that might not have long-term use for you.

No Time Wasted Getting Set Up

If you are dealing with an emergency situation or you need to ramp up right now, choosing a rental boiler could be to your benefit. When you purchase a boiler, you might have to wait an extended time for delivery and you will have to put some of your own manpower toward getting it set up properly for your internal systems. When you rent a boiler, it's more likely there will be immediate availability. You'll also have staff from the rental company bringing the boiler onto your site and they may be able to help you get things set up so you don't have to pull labor sources from elsewhere. In a true emergency or in a business situation where time is of the essence, the additional support with setup could make all the difference.

No Hassles If Something Goes Wrong

So now your boiler is set up but what happens if something goes wrong during operation? If you own the boiler yourself, you might be responsible for any repairs, not to mention the regular maintenance it will need. Sure, there might be a warranty on the new boiler, but that will still require filing a claim or sending the boiler to the manufacturer. When your rental boiler runs into an issue, the rental company may be able to respond immediately by simply swapping out the faulty boiler for another one so you can get right back to work.

Contact a local boiler rental service to learn more.