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Three Tools Industrial Plumbers Never Go Without--And Neither Should You

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Plumbers use many different tools, all of which are meant to accomplish a specific task or job. Industrial plumbers have a few extra tools they rely on to get the job done. If you want to have the same plumbing supplies the professionals have so you can do your own plumbing, here are three tools you should never be without.

The Professional Plumber's Wrench

You can buy a basic plumber's wrench for about forty dollars from a discount store, but typically they will cost a little more than that. If you invest in the professional version of the plumber's wrench, they will cost you a whole lot more, but they are also adjustable and can help you with both plastic PVC plumbing and metal pipes. The professional wrench easily twists the most rusted or corroded pipes open without having to break much of a sweat. If you really want the top-of-the-line and high-tech wrenches, consider an air pressure- and electrically-powered wrench for some serious torque.

The Power Auger

Usually all you need at home to unclog your toilet and sink drains is a standard manual auger that you can buy for less than fifty dollars from your local hardware store. However, these augers do not reach very far through your plumbing and cannot get to any clogs that are deep in the plumbing line. If you really want a superior plumbing tool, a power auger is exactly what you want to buy. A power auger operates on a grounded electrical connection that helps feed the auger through your plumbing to the unreachable source of the clog. Then it pulls the clog out and/or forces it through. Some models may have an attachment for the head of the auger that twists and cuts through large items blocking the plumbing (e.g., diapers, femcare pads, etc.).

The Pipe Cutter

If you have ever tried to saw a piece of PVC pipe with a handsaw, you know what a bad idea that is. Most plumbers keep a pipe cutter in their plumbing supplies and tool boxes for that very reason. Pipes are easy enough to buy long and cut shorter to fit what you need them to fit, but not so easy to buy short and make longer. A pipe cutter makes short work of the task, cutting both PVC and metal pipes to the perfect length. Many different widths of pipe cutters are available, but the best ones adjust to the size of each pipe's width.

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