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3 Materials Clamp Together Ducting Can Help Eliminate

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When working in an industrial setting, you want to do everything you can to prevent contaminants from flying around in the air and affecting everyone's breathing. Thanks to the clamp together ducting system, it is easier than ever to get rid of some of the small particles that are produced in the manufacturing process. The clamp together system uses a laser seam to help eliminate the need for screws, welding and rivets that used to hold ducting systems together. Get stainless of galvanized steel in various diameters, sizes and shapes to design your system and adapt to the existing ductwork easily. Check out three of the areas where this particular system can benefit you.

Agricultural Dust

Agricultural dust particles that are just 10 micrometers in size are quite small. They end up getting into your body by bypassing your body's natural defenses, i.e. the nose and throat. These coarse particles can end up causing a whole host of health problems ranging from heart disease, respiratory disease or lung disease. When the particles invade your system, it can cause you to end up becoming severely ill, being admitted to the hospital and possibly dying. It is important that these microscopic particles are eliminated from the air to help promote health and well-being.

Food Dust

If the food particles aren't controlled in these processing facilities, it can pose a major risk to the facility and workers. Continually being exposed and inhaling the dusts can end up causing you to become ill. Many of the dust particles are actually explosive and need to be controlled in a safe manner to decrease the risks involved. If the dusts are allowed to continue building up in the system, there is a chance that a fire could occur. Outdoor emissions collecting on the roof pose risks to the workers and the odors create a problem for surrounding neighbors.

Plastic Dust

Plastic dust is like any other fine particle. It can end up invading your lungs and causing respiratory problems. It can also irritate your eyes and skin if you rub it without knowing. You need to flush your eyes and skin to get the particles off and prevent making the problem worse. Any sanding, grinding or otherwise machining of plastics needs to be done with caution and the proper ventilation system in place.

With a clamp together ducting system, you can pull fine particles like the ones above out of the air and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in the environment.