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Food Industries: Are Your Containers Food Safe?

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If your factory makes all types of perishable products, you may use containers of different sizes to protect your goods. But if your soup mixes, jams, cake batters, and other items spoil before you can use them, store your perishables in food-safe pails instead. Learn more about food-safe pails and how to find them below.

What Are Food-Safe Pails?

Food industries across the United States depend on fresh produce, dairy, bread batters, beans, and other types of ingredients to make their products. However, many factories and food industry companies lose their goods to spoilage each day. Food spoilage is one of the biggest problems for companies and their consumers today. Food-safe pails can help eliminate many of the problems associated with food spoilage today.

Food-safe pails are special plastic buckets used to store and transport all types of industrial and residential perishable goods. Pails come in all weights and capacities, including five pounds, which is generally the best size to store large quantities of food.

Food-safe pails also come with tear tab lids. Tear tab lids prevent oxygen from entering the pails during storage. The tabs also allow you to quickly open your pails when needed. You simply replace the seal-tight lids on the pails after you remove the contents from them.

You can find the pails you need for your factory's perishable goods by contacting an online supplier today.

How Do You Order Food-Safe Pails?

An online supplier, or industrial equipment and supply company, will offer a large number of pails for your needs, including 5-gallon buckets. After you enter a supplier's site, look for the tab that leads to 5-pound pails. You can also look for pails that come with tear tab lids

Click on the pails you wish to purchase. Each product should come with a special information link called "Specs." You can use the link to learn more about the buckets' sizes, weights, and material content. Be sure to select pails that allow you to store large quantities of perishable goods and ingredients in your factory. 

After you find the pails with tear tab lids you need, place your order. If you need help ordering your pails, consult a supplier's customer service representative right away. You want to ensure your order is correct before you check out.

Learn more about 5-gallon food-safe plastic pails with tear tab lids and how to obtain them for your factory by contacting an equipment and supply company soon.